Polyethylene, thousand tons per year
Project cost, billion US dollars
Temporary jobs during construction
New jobs during operation

The project is implemented within the framework of the national project “Sustainable Economic Growth aimed at Improving the Welfare of Kazakhstanis” and the government program for the petrochemical industry development in the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

The project is included in the list of strategic investment projects.

Project goal is to create a production of large-capacity polyethylene with a capacity of 1,250 thousand tons per year for sale in the domestic and foreign markets.

Raw materials: gas from the TCO field is used as raw materials.

Project deadline: 2022-2028

The project involves the construction of a steam cracking plant (pyrolysis), ethylene polymerization plants, an auxiliary licensed ethylene dimerization plant and general plant facilities.

Various exclusive licensors of pyrolysis are considered, where the technological process is the production of ethylene from the ethane fraction supplied as raw material to the boundaries of the object. In terms of polymerization, a configuration with two production lines with a capacity of 625 thousand tons per year each has been determined, where the final product is obtained from ethylene obtained by pyrolysis by polymerization.

License agreements on polymerization technology were signed with Chevron Phillips Chemical and Univation Technologies on December 12 and 21, 2022.

The feasibility study of the project has been developed. The design stage of the Polyethylene project has begun